Securely Manage Remote IT Equipment

Distributed IT environment challenge

The network and the data center are the lifeblood of today’s enterprise. In order to stay competitive, organizations of all types and sizes must strive to maintain 100% uptime. Even a short period of downtime can potentially cost millions, cripple operations and drive customers away. The solution to minimizing downtime is remote management that enables systems administrators to monitor and respond to globally distributed networks and systems from anywhere over the Internet.

Lantronix offers a range of products to meet this challenge. Conact us for more information.


IT Infrastructure

Lantronix is the industry leader in secure communications solutions to connect and control any type of

equipment via the Internet.

  • Manage network and IT assets from virtually anywhere over the Internet or dial-up
  • Maximize uptime by quickly troubleshooting and repairing IT equipment from anywhere, at any time
  • Save time, simplify operations and minimize costs by consolidating management
  • Improve support and customer service


IP Video Surveillance System

IP surveillance is a digitized and networked version of CCTV. IP camera records video footage and the resulting content is distributed over an IP based network.

  • Improved search capability
  • Greater ease of use
  • Better quality images and no degradation of content over time
  • The ability to record and play simultaneously
  • The ability to compress content for improved storage


IT Consultation and Services

Our team are capable and rich experience to offer professional system integration and project management services to clients.

  • IT Consultation services
  • System design and integration
  • Project management and outsoucing
  • System implementation
  • Maintenance services and supporting


Mobile IPSolution


for Saloon CCTV


IT Infrastructure


different IT products and solutions for customer.



Surveillance Product


IT Management Product