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Lantronix SecureLinx™ line of Secure Console Servers™, Remote KVM™ Remote Power Manager and Management Appliance solutions provide a comprehensive solution. These data center management products give companies the ability to securely and remotely access and troubleshoot equipment 24/7/365, all from a single location without the need to access a corporate network.


Out-of-Band Infrastructure Management


Secure Remote Management of Servers and IT Equipment

SpiderDuo IP KVM
compact Remote-KVM with Local Access


SpiderDuo provides secure, remote KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) over-IP capabilities as well as transparent local access. The Duo is ideal for those who need local access, as well as the flexibility of KVM-over-IP in a single integrated solution. Its palm-sized, “zero-U” design is perfect for space-constrained applications. What’s more, Duo requires no additional software and allows full BIOS level control of the host system.

SecureLinx SLC Console Server
secure, remote access, monitor, and manage from anywhere, at any time


SLC Console server provides complete in-band and out-of-band local remote management solutions for the data center. SecureLinx SLC gives IT managers unsurpassed ability to securely and remotely manage serial devices, including servers, switches, routers, telecom equipment - anything in a rack - even if the network is down .

SecureLinx SLB Branch Office Server
compact integrated appliance to combine with SLC, SLP and Ethernet Switch


SLB is designed to meet the specific needs of the remote branch office. It converves rack space and reduce costs by enabling system administrators at a miain corporate facility to manage the IT equipment distributed among branch offices simply and cost-effectively.

SecureLinx SLM Management Platform
consolidated Access and Authentication through a centralized point


SLM manages all LANTRONIX products in a single platform. It "auto-detects" and displays them in a single, concise view through a web or a CLI. The SLM simplifies administration by offering multi-platform clients access through a standard web bowser for a single point of consilidated accesswith simplified views to manage devices and arrached equipment.

SecureLinx SLP Remote Power Management
compact Remote-KVM with Local Access


SLP Remote Power Management allow for the fast and easy recovery of locked-up devices. With an advanced feature set, a network operations center can immediately establish a communications session with an SLP Remote Power Manager to reboot a device and quickly return it to operational status. The individual on/off/reboot outlet control of the SLP Remote Power Manager allows re-booting of attached servers and data center equipment or the cycling of power to institute configuration changes. Everything service providers, hosting companies and businesses with distributed networks need to maximize network operations.