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VersaX Network Camera is implemented by the latest technologies over Traditional IPcam:


  • Fixed IP is not necessary. Login account name will list all registered cameras - worldwide.
  • Can authorize lots of sub-accounts with different priority and privileges.
  • CHAP encryption password, guarantees the safety of usage on Internet.
  • Display up to 16 cameras (from different locations) on a screen at the same time.
  • Very smooth video due to improved TCP, UDP and other communication protocols.
  • Features all DVR/ NVR functions, can be integrated to be a large system for vertical applications.

3G Vechicle Monitoring


Secure Remote Management of Servers and IT Equipment

VersaX -120C Network Camera


VersaX-120C series include 1/3” CCD sensors with standard CS mount connectors for the lens. It features high video quality with H.264 codec and multiple bit-stream up to D1 @ 25/30 FPS per channel.
It has a built-in SD socket for users to record on board and to playback online. It’s the most cost-effective mini DVR system. Applies with the NVR2008 software, it builds one of the most powerful video surveillance systems.



VersaX -800C Network Camera


VersaX-800C is a high-speed dome Network Camera. It features with an ASIC MPEG-4 encoder to enhance real-time streaming performance. Embedded with advanced network technologies, VersaX-800C is reliable and a first-rate source of communication.
VersaX-800C has a built-in high-resolution CCD camera. It supports high resolutions up to D1 (720 x 480) at 30 fps (PAL: 720 X 576 at 25 fps), 18X zooming as well as 360/ 90 degrees of pan/ tilt. It's suitable for banks, traffic control and other circumstances in need of surveillance.




64-channel NVR


NVR2008 video surveillance system is excellent for applications on both LAN and Internet. It includes all DVR functions and extends to Internet usage. It records and playbacks IPcams both on LAN and Internet. It has complete functions for recording on LAN, backup recording on Internet, displaying on TV remotely and supports multiple viewers on internet all at the same time under one system.
NVR2008 features various alarm functions like email, SMS, siren, recording, snapshot, etc. Besides, NVR2008 supports digital matrix function to display multiple selectable channels on a TV screen. Every NVR2008 (running on a PC or a PC server) records and displays up to 128 cameras. The system may be setup to support thousands of IP cameras in one system under a CMS (Central Management System) control!